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Welcome to BioCity Campus Leipzig!

We are pleased to invite you to the BioCity Campus Website. Take a look around and discover the possibilities in the fields of biotechnology, life sciences and healthcare on the Old Trade Fair ground Leipzig, in the center of Germany. Enjoy getting to know us on the following pages.

Develop your visions

With the relocation of the Leipzig Messe north of the city, new opportunities for science and research arose in the south-eastern section of Leipzig. Thus the Old Trade Fair Grounds (“Alte Messe Leipzig”) with centuries of history now offer generous spaces and exhibition hall areas for diverse applications and for almost every kind of commercial activity.

On the basis of these diverse realities, the project BioCity Campus was initiated, which was dedicated primarily to implementation of the following goals:

  • Usa of the unique developmental dynamic of the bio-tech-oriented Life-Science fields that have settled down at the Old Trade Fair grounds
  • Development of a typically urban building ensemble that provides, as a “technology campus”, a high level of identification for those already established there, while also increasing the national recognition factor
  • Inclusion of the urban-public sphere into the technological development of the Life-Science sector; young people in particular should be drawn into the natural and engineering sciences
  • Designing innovative use and development concepts and putting them to the test
  • Development of new, unconventional cooperation structures between politics, science and civil society in the context of urban development

André Hofmann, CEO BIO-NET LEIPZIG, talks about BioCity Campus and BIO CITY LEIPZIG


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BioCity Campus is the biotechnology and life sciences park located on the historical grounds of the old trade fair ground “Alte Messe Leipzig” close to the city center. The area hosts a biotechnology and biomedical cluster capable of incorporating the benefits of neighboring research facilities that will continue to support resident enterprises through a targeted extension of the value-creation chain.


We offer you fully-developed and individually customized plots of land with excellent infrastructure connections.


More is better: the diversity and number of soil animals determine leaf decomposition in the forest

iDiv Leipzig/Göttingen. Small animals that decompose fallen leaves in the forest form complex food webs and are essential to a functioning ecosystem. A study comprising over 80 forests in Germany and on Sumatra (Indonesia) has now shown that two factors particularly influence this function when examined over larger landscapes: the number of animals and their species diversity. In previous studies, the connection between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning had been investigated mostly in small test areas. […]

Major progress on global biodiversity observation system

iDiv Leipzig. iDiv hosted a three day workshop where scientists and technical and legal experts made great steps towards the development of a cooperative and global monitoring system for changes in biodiversity. The workshop, which was a breakthrough in global collaboration, was organized for the first time as part of the EU horizon 2020 project GLOBIS-B, coordinated by the University of Amsterdam. [...]

RIBOLUTION Health GmbH founded in Leipzig

Fraunhofer IZI. The new biotech start-up in Leipzig, Germany, aims to improve diagnosis and therapy of complex diseases such as cancer, chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases. First planned products are tests for diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer that offer higher accuracy compared to conventional processes. […]

2016 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for Svante Pääbo

Max Planck Institute. Sequencing of ancient DNA and genomes honoured as scientific breakthrough One of the 2016 Breakthrough Prizes in Life Sciences was bestowed to Max Planck director Svante Pääbo for pioneering the sequencing of ancient DNA and ancient genomes, thereby illuminating the origins of modern humans, our relationships to extinct relatives such as Neanderthals, and the evolution of human populations and traits. The seven prizes, each endowed with 3 Million US dollars, were awarded on 8 November in Silicon Valley, USA. [...]