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AfterWork network event on August 10th

Dear network partners, dear colleagues, dear tenants of BIO CITY,

We would like to take you to the next AfterWork network event "Oh my god it's just Wednesday! But there is beer!" invite you to BIO CITY LEIPZIG. Let's celebrate the end of the day together in a relaxed atmosphere with free beer and other drinks (featuring CAPRIVA) fade away. Thank you very much Ur-Krostitzer and Xitaso for sponsoring the event in August. In addition to the beer sponsorship, Ur-Krostitzer goes one better and brings two event vouchers for 20 people each, which we raffle among the guests present. Come along, we look forward to seeing you!

Please also diligently share the event among your colleagues. Prior registration is not necessary.

Poster after work event 10.8.2022

We want to hold the event from May - October once month. The following dates are - depending on sponsoring - still planned this year:

10.08/07.09, 05.10/XNUMX and XNUMX.

We are open for ideas, wishes, suggestions and of course also for sponsoring. Please contact us at


Best Regards,

your biosaxony-Team

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dr David Schaller receives the 2022 dissertation award from the Bioinformatics group

dr David Schaller, Institute for Bioinformatics at the University of Leipzig, receives this year's dissertation award from the joint specialist group Bioinformatics (FaBI) of DECHEMA, DGMS, GBM, GDCh, GI and VAAM.


MPI: The brains of Neanderthals developed differently than that of modern humans

Modern human brain stem cells make fewer mistakes in the distribution of their chromosomes to daughter cells