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BioCity Fit! – Offers in April

The BIO CITY LEIPZIG team is pleased to be able to offer you additional free online modules as part of the "BioCityfit!" company health management system in cooperation with TK-Techniker Krankenkasse.

Doing something for your own health should be easy and fun. For this reason, neither special previous knowledge in the areas of exercise, nutrition or stress prevention nor a certain level of fitness are required for the health offers of the technicians. Every employee, trainee or student working on the BioCity Campus can take part free of charge. We look forward to you!

“Successful Stress Management” – Online workshop on April 13.04.2021, 9 from XNUMX a.m

The “Successful Stress Management” seminar not only keeps you on track professionally, but also opens up new ways for you to use and enjoy your free time.

“Virtual Tour” – Online seminar on April 15.04.2021, 9 from XNUMX a.m

Crisis situations require a different kind of leadership and this has an impact on the organization and the relationship with your employees. The online seminar also prepares you well for digital leadership.

"Regeneration is more than sleeping (work harder - recover even harder)" - Interactive lecture on April 21.04.2021, 11 from 12 a.m. to XNUMX p.m

Especially in the present time it is important that our body is well regenerated in order to be able to master the current situation. In addition to regular exercise and a health-conscious diet, restful sleep is the third pillar of health. If you get enough sleep, you promote night-time regeneration and get through the day healthier and more productive. An increased lack of sleep can lead to a higher susceptibility to stress, reduced immune defense and declining concentration and performance.

The interactive lecture “Regeneration is more than sleeping (work harder – recover even harder)” shows the importance of the topic “regeneration” in our lives. Because if you want to achieve long-term performance or are interested in its sustainability, you cannot avoid the topic of "regeneration". The following questions are examined in detail:

  • Regeneration - from what?
  • Regeneration is more than just sleeping
  • Learn to make waves - the power of oscillation
  • How does the pandemic hinder the regeneration of employees?

For our lecture we were able to hire a top expert on the subject of "sleep", sports physician and doctor of the German Ice Hockey Federation, Dr. Win Lutz Graumann (

“Sleep Radar” – 30 min online one-on-one meetings on April 27.04.2021, 9 between 16 a.m. and XNUMX p.m

Restful sleep is important for health. Conversely, lack of sleep increases the health risk. Information about your sleep hygiene is evaluated by simply querying your sleeping habits and general conditions. You will then receive recommendations for promoting your sleep health.

"Jobfit-Food" - Online seminar on April 29.04.2021th, 9 from XNUMX a.m

We spend a large part of our time at work. Eating also plays a decisive role in our performance, because even in stressful times we want to stay healthy and fit. The online seminar gives you tips that are suitable for everyday use.


The offer is available free of charge to all tenants of BIO CITY LEIPZIG and the partners on the BioCity Campus. Prior registration is necessary, as places are limited. If you are interested, please contact your employer's secretariat/assistant, who can send you the registration links.

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