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biosaxony: An industry takes stock - Saxon biotech solutions in the fight against the corona pandemic

The industry association biosaxony e. V. is launching a digital campaign on June 22, 2021 to honor the commitment of Saxon biotech and medtech companies.

Companies and institutions in the Saxon biotech and medtech industry have developed and launched products and services to combat the corona pandemic in a very short time with know-how and a high level of entrepreneurial commitment. Their innovations are used worldwide to diagnose the virus and to manufacture and transport vaccines, or they can be used to ventilate intensive care patients.

With Saxon innovations against the pandemic

"We want to help the biotech and medtech solutions from Saxony to gain greater visibility and show the powerful contribution our members make in times of crisis to help people worldwide," says Dr. Oliver Uecke, CEO of biosaxony e. V. and COO of Lipotype GmbH.

The Saxon industry association has therefore initiated a digital campaign, which is intended to raise awareness of the innovations from Saxony to combat the corona pandemic among stakeholders in business and science as well as the general public. The campaign also aims to promote the perception of Saxony as one of the most dynamic life sciences locations in Europe.

“Bundling the specific competencies of numerous high-performing companies in an innovation cluster shows how successful comprehensive cooperation can be in times of crisis. It not only promotes faster reaction times in order to close supply bottlenecks, but also enables access to the international market for smart medical devices and innovative therapies," says André Hofmann, Managing Director of biosaxony e. V

Campaign highlights the performance of the Saxon biotech location

Under the motto "SOLVE-CoV-2", which takes up the well-known spelling of "SARS-CoV-2", the campaign presents ten of these powerful solutions from Saxony's biotechnology and medical technology cluster as examples. You will be on the site bundled and successively in the digital professional network in the period from June 22 to July 14, 2021 LinkedIn presents.

GENEWIZ Germany kicks off the series with its portfolio of DNA analysis, gene synthesis and related services that have contributed to the development of effective methods for the prevention, investigation and therapy of the novel corona virus. It ends with the presentation of the commitment of biosaxony. On the initiative of biosaxony, a nationwide network of 3D printing experts was set up in a very short time. This ensured that clinics and other healthcare providers could be supplied with missing materials such as face protection visors, which were manufactured using 3D printing and injection molding processes.

Unchecked growth despite the corona pandemic

The importance of the Saxon biotechnology and medical technology industry has increased significantly in recent years and continues to develop with great dynamism. Around 50 successful biotech companies are now active in Leipzig and Dresden. Some of them emerged from the renowned universities and research institutes of the Free State. In the meantime, companies from other regions or from abroad are increasingly settling here in order to benefit from the excellent research network in Saxony. A total of 230 small and medium-sized medical technology companies research and produce in Bavaria. A special highlight for the Saxon life sciences industry is on the agenda in 2022: Europe's largest biotech trade fair, BioEurope, will take place in Leipzig in 2022 and will bring together the continent's top researchers and decision-makers.

Appeal: softening of the subsidy criteria for subordinated loans

Even the corona pandemic did not lead to the collapse of the life sciences location in Saxony. On the contrary: the industry continues to grow steadily. In the Corona year, biosaxony e. V. has not recorded any loss of sales or insolvencies among its member companies. In order for this trend to continue after the pandemic, researching SMEs must be given more support. The legislator is currently putting obstacles in the way of this. The reason: since the end of 2020, federal and state funding institutions have no longer considered loans, which are essential for companies in the R&D sector, as equity substitutes. The background is the very rigorous interpretation of a corresponding EU regulation in Germany. “This is a disaster for research-based companies, as they usually have a low equity ratio and are dependent on subsidies. The questionable interpretation of the EU regulation creates massive competitive disadvantages for German companies from research and development, since other EU countries interpret the regulation much softer. This is practically a complete exclusion from state funding instruments, including the research allowance. We fear that this will result in innovation gaps of unforeseen proportions," says André Hofmann. So now it's time for politics. The appeal of industry associations such as biosaxony eV is clear: Only by readjusting the criteria for loans in research can it be prevented that innovations and developments at a low level migrate cheaply abroad.

10 Saxon biotech solutions at a glance:

  • GENEWIZ offers DNA analysis and gene synthesis to better understand SARS-CoV-2.
  • Adverse Pharma has developed test methods for antibody detection with AProof®.
  • biotype has produced a real-time PCR test in a very short time.
  • c-LEcta has developed an important enzyme for vaccine production with DENARASE®.
  • Drees & Sommer makes buildings and infrastructure resilient and therefore pandemic-proof.
  • The man is researching a drug to combat acute lung failure.
  • The  Next3D emergency ventilators come from the 3D printer.
  • ROBOSCREEN supplies reagents required for PCR testing.
  • foam plastic ensures reliable transport of vaccines with its THERMOCON boxes.
  • Biosaxony and network partners produce plastic visors using 3D printing and injection molding processes.

Additional information:

Source: Press release biosaxony from June 22.06.2021nd, XNUMX

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