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c-LEcta expands cooperation with pharmaceutical specialist logistics company "World Courier"

  • Cooperation with a renowned specialist logistik service provider for transportation sensitive products
  • Seamless monitoring of transport conditions worldwide
  • Strengthening the offer to customers from the pharmaceutical industry
  • Cooperation will be formalized after the first successful deliveries andnd expanded

c-Lecta, a worldwide actingnd biotechnology company with technology leadership in enzyme engineering and bioprocess development, works with World Courier, a firmVein AmerisourceBergen Group. With a presence in more than 50 countries, World Courier of determination driven to excellence and offert customized solutions with global reach to provide access to medicalto improve care; therefore many of the customers also trust c-Lectas aus the pharmaceutical industry on World Courier as a special logistician.

The focus of the cooperation is the transport of time-critical and temperature-sensitive products. The transport takes place in special transport packaging, which allows a secure cold chain and continuous temperature tracking of the high-quality enzymes. Carsten Fietz, Head of Finance & Administration at cLEcta explains: "The cooperation with "World Courier" is the right step to further strengthen and expand our logistics chain, especially because of our sensitive and valuable products. Not only do we minimize the risk of transport damage or delays, we also enable our customers to fully monitor the transport conditions. In this way, we meet the highest demands of customers from the pharmaceutical industry in terms of quality and reliability of deliveries.” Numerous audits by international, well-known customers from the pharmaceutical industry, all of which were successfully completed, confirm the importance of a high-quality supply chain.

Above all, products for the biopharmaceutical industry such as the DENARASE product family are transported for c-LEcta by the specialist for time and temperature-sensitive logistics, World Courier. These products are mainly used in the field of gene and cell therapy, but are also used in the manufacture of vaccines. In the overall context of the COVID-19 crisis, there was a significant increase in shipments at c-LEcta. “Especially in this difficult time for all of us, the cooperation has proven to be very successful and stable. World Courier was able to maintain the international cold chains, which are very important to us, at all times. So we could also during the

Corona crisis, deliver our products to our customers worldwide on time," says Carsten Fietz. World-Courier's strengths in full-service processing come into play particularly in the case of temperature-controlled deliveries over longer distances and thus longer periods of time. The cooperation is currently focused on North America and Asia.

About c-Lecta

c-LEcta is a global biotechnology company with technology leadership in the areas of enzyme engineering and bioprocess development for regulated markets such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. The company, based in Leipzig, has established itself as a leading supplier of high-quality biotechnological products, be it in-house developments or in close cooperation with industry. c-LEcta currently employs more than 80 people.

c-LEcta delivers cost-efficient and sustainable production processes that open up new markets and enable better penetration of existing markets. The company excels at rapidly and efficiently developing best-in-class biotech solutions and successfully bringing to market and commercializing the resulting products. This allows c-LEcta to develop the unique potential of its core technologies. c-LEcta already has more than ten successfully marketed, high-quality, industrial biotech products.

Via World Courier

World Courier offers unique specialty logistics services to drive the commercial success of our partners around the globe. For 50 years, we've kept you safe with world-class supply chain programs, transportation services, warehousing of time and temperature sensitive products, and innovative, cutting-edge medicines including cell and gene therapies. Through our daily work - and driven by our nearly 3.000 employees - we are united in our responsibility to create a healthier future. With a presence in more than 50 countries, World Courier is driven by a determination to deliver excellence and provides customized solutions with global reach to improve access to healthcare; this makes us the most trusted specialty logistics company in the world. Learn more at

Source: c-Lecta Press release from 28.07.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

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