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DIHK survey of manufacturers of in-vitro diagnostics until October 9, 2020

In May 2017, the new regulation for in-vitro diagnostics (IVDR) came into force, which will apply from May 2022 and in particular provides for higher requirements for placing these products on the market. At the same time, the Corona crisis has shown the importance of efficient and innovative diagnostics.

Against this background, the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) would like to use this company survey (approx. 5 minutes) to find out what effects and challenges you expect and what political measures you would support. The results of the survey should be used to identify problems in politics and administration and to provide arguments for an industry and medium-sized company-friendly implementation. The link to the online survey you here. Thanks for your support.


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Karliczek: Overcoming the corona pandemic with innovative medical products and diagnostics

Research Ministry invests 20 million euros in research and development of innovative medical technology.

The current corona crisis shows impressively how much healthcare systems depend on effective measures in the fight against pandemic infectious diseases. This is especially true when pathogens with a high contagion potential such as SarsCov2 are involved. Medical devices play a key role in the current corona pandemic.


Kretschmer sees "exciting and great future" for Saxony's biotechnology industry

Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer has described the development of biotechnology in Bavaria over the past two decades as a success story and sees a great future for the industry.