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Ministry of Social Affairs gives the green light for Saxon pharmacies to issue corona antibody tests

In the Free State of Saxony, the coronavirus antibody test »AProof« can be sold over-the-counter, including through pharmacies.

Basically, the development of an antibody test is positive. However, the Saxony State Directorate still had to carry out an assessment so that medical laypersons could ensure safe use of the antibody test.

The test works like this: After the blood has been taken from the finger and transferred to the filter card provided for this purpose, it is sent to an in-house laboratory and evaluated there. The result of the qualitative test can be accessed via a platform using a personalized access code.

Minister of Health Petra Köpping: "After intensive consideration and examination of the legal requirements, we can now give the go-ahead for the tests to be distributed by Saxon pharmacies. We know that pharmacies, as part of point-of-care care, can offer the best low-threshold advice. You can therefore provide the information that is important when submitting the coronavirus antibody tests. The safety of users is our top priority.«

Detailed advice from appropriately trained personnel is important. The customer should be well informed. It should be clear to him that immunity cannot be assumed if the test result for the presence of antibodies is positive.

Source: Press release from the Saxon Ministry of Social Affairs from September 24.09.2020th, XNUMX

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Article in the Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung from September 25.09.2020th, XNUMX

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