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Because of Corona: Liver transplant patient day on November 21st online only

This year's Liver Transplant Patient Day will take place online at the University Hospital Leipzig (UKL). "Have to take place", regret Prof. Dr. Daniel Seehofer, Head of the Division of Hepatobiliary Surgery and Visceral Transplantation, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Berg, head of the hepatology department at UKL. “Because the protection of our patients is our top priority. In view of the corona pandemic, we unfortunately have to forgo a personal meeting with our patients and other interested parties on November 21.”

Nevertheless, the liver experts at the UKL offer a highly exciting range of lectures. For example, so-called liver replacement procedures are reported. "These procedures, which unfortunately do not replace the function of the liver but can provide some detoxification, represent a bridge to liver transplantation," explains Prof Berg. "There is also an interesting lecture on how to proceed with liver cancer, the hepatocellular carcinoma, in order to ultimately meet the requirements that make transplantation possible."

The personal experiences of transplant patients are often more vivid than the highly precise explanations provided by doctors and scientists. Therefore, on this patient day, a patient will describe how she experienced the liver transplant with hope and fear, fear and joy. Prof. Dr. Daniel Seehofer, who is also Managing Director of Clinic and polyclinic for visceral, transplant, thoracic and vascular surgery explains what problems can occur after a transplant, such as complications of the bile duct, and how the patient can then be helped. Also interesting are the long-term experiences in Leipzig about the lives of patients after a liver transplant and what role, for example, cardiovascular diseases played and still play.

8th patient day Liver transplant

Saturday, November 21st,
10 to 12.30 clock (GMT+XNUMX)

Source: Press release from the University Hospital Leipzig from November 16.11.2020th, XNUMX


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