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We are pleased to welcome you to the BioCity Campus website. Take a look around and discover new possibilities in the fields of biotechnology, life sciences and healthcare on the Old Trade Fairgrounds in Leipzig in the heart of Germany. Enjoy getting to know us on the following pages.

Develop your visions

With the relocation of the Leipziger Messe (Leipzig Trade Fair) to the north of the city, new opportunities for science and research arose in the southeastern part of Leipzig. Thus the Old Trade Fair (“Alte Messe Leipzig”), with its centuries of history, now offers generous spaces and exhibition hall areas for diverse uses and almost every kind of commercial activity.

On the basis of these different realities, the BioCity Campus project was initiated based on these diverse opportunities, which was dedicated primarily to the implementation of the following goals:

  • Usage of the unique developmental dynamic of the biotech-oriented life sciences fields that have located themselves at the Old Trade Fairgrounds.
  • Development of a typically urban building ensemble that provides, as a “technology campus”, a high level of identification for those already established there, while also increasing the national recognition factor.
  • Inclusion of the urban-public sphere in the technological development of the life sciences sector; young people in particular should be drawn to the natural and engineering sciences.
  • Designing innovative use and development concepts and putting them to the test.
  • Development of new, unconventional collaboration structures between politics, science and civil society in the context of urban development.

André Hofmann, CEO BIO-NET LEIPZIG, talks about BioCity Campus and BIO CITY LEIPZIG


We know all about the importance of a strong network. Here at the BIO CITY Campus, you benefit from partners who will welcome you with open arms.


The BioCity Campus is the biotechnology and life sciences park located on the historic grounds of the Old Trade Fair (“Alte Messe Leipzig”) close to the city center. The area hosts a biotechnology and biomedical cluster capable of incorporating the benefits of neighboring research facilities that will continue to support resident businesses through a targeted extension of the value-creation chain.


We can offer you fully-developed and individually customized plots of land with excellent infrastructure connections.


Bioengineered livers mimic natural development

An international team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, USA, and Yokohama City University, Japan, used novel genomic and stem cell technologies to understand how individual cells work together and use their genomes to develop into human liver tissue. This new research greatly advances efforts to bioengineer healthy and usable human liver tissue from human pluripotent stem cells.

BIO CITY LEIPZIG rated under the 15 Best Biotech Incubators in Europe

We proudly announce BIO CITY LEIPZIG beeing rated under the top 15 biotech incubators in Europe by

c-LEcta’s Enzyme enabled a novel enzyme cascade – the synthesis of biopolymer precursors

The economic synthesis of valuable compounds by multi enzymatic transformations is gaining more and more attention. This is because the combination of different enzyme activities can make novel, economic synthetic routes accessible and may drive reversible reaction to completion.

150,000 stem cell deposits at Vita 34

Vita 34 on the BioCity Campus Leipzig celebrates the 150000th stem cell storage and the 20th company anniversary with an international expert symposium on the application of stem cells in children. With 150,000 stem cell deposits from 29 countries in Europe and worldwide as well as 30 applications, Vita 34 is the largest and most experienced stem cell bank in the German-speaking countries.