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CO.DON AG: Gradual return to normal operations

Over the past few weeks, CO.DON AG has seen a slow but steady increase in incoming orders in parallel with the gradual resumption of regular hospital operations.

In connection with the increasing spread of the corona virus, measures have been taken in all areas of the company since mid-March, which on the one hand protect the workforce from infection as best as possible and on the other hand ensure production continuity through agile raw material and inventory management. At the end of March, short-time work was introduced for the workforce of the German parent company, as there was a significant drop in orders compared to the same period of the previous year due to the Covid-19-justified contact restrictions and the Federal Government’s request to hospitals not to plan any elective surgeries for the time being.

Due to the positive development, CO.DON AG will relax the travel restrictions between the locations and return to the contractually agreed working time models in July 2020.

Tilmann Bur, CEO of CO.DON AG: "We are relieved and happy that a careful resumption of everyday work is now possible. Together with our business partners, we are confident that, as expected, we will be able to continue the good first quarter result of the current financial year. This gradual return to day-to-day business is of course accompanied by the implementation of hygiene and safety measures, which are essential for our sales team, but also for all other employees of our CO.DON.”

Source: Communication from CO.DON AG dated June 23.06.2020, XNUMX


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