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Saxon Transfer Forum – TransfERleben in Leipzig

The central impulse event and exchange format for the entire Saxon transfer community.

3 November 2020

Leipzig University, New Augusteum 13.30 – 19.30 p.m

futureSAX invites you to discover the Leipzig science region on November 3, 2020. Take the opportunity to find out about best-practice examples in the knowledge and
Technology transfer and committed science and receive new impulses around the topic of TransfERleben in Leipzig.

The Saxon Transfer Forum - TransfERLeben in Leipzig opens a space to effectively enable the exchange of best practice examples of Saxon knowledge and technology transfer and to get to know the Leipzig science region. It offers the Saxon transfer community the opportunity to learn from these examples and to find out about new transfer instruments, methods and projects. At the transfer forum, transfer actors and multipliers from science and business receive new impulses and expand their personal networks.

With the University of Leipzig – the second oldest university in Germany – research and teaching has been firmly established in the Leipzig Science Region for over 600 years. Leipzig is characterized by a uniquely strong network of humanities, natural sciences and engineering. The interaction of the various scientific institutions and transfer actors not only results in excellent and internationally recognized research and teaching, but also in innovation and transfer-oriented cooperation with regional medium-sized companies.

In addition to exciting keynote speeches and discussion rounds, there will be four workshops aimed at the transfer community from science and business, interested scientists and multipliers. The event will be rounded off by an accompanying exhibition.

Are you active in transfer or are you interested in the topic and looking for an exchange with transfer actors? Then register for the transfer forum!


Source: Media information from futureSAX from September 30.09.2020th, XNUMX

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